Comic-Con Drops New Batman v Superman Trailer on the World, Millions Perish in Hype Explosion

The extended Batman v Superman Comic-Con trailer makes its way online.

Tell your families you love them and make sure all your affairs are in order, because the new Batman v Superman┬átrailer just might kill you. It’s that good. I’ll shut up now. Just watch.

I have to admit, I enjoyed the first trailer, but felt a little underwhelmed by the whole thing. This more than makes up for all of that. And I think that, for skeptics who didn’t enjoy Man of Steel, or are perhaps wondering how Batman would even stand a chance against Superman in the first place, this trailer provides a lot of answers. For those who still aren’t sold on the movie, well, when the Revolution comes, you will not be spared.

The only downside to this is that it makes March 25 seem that much further away. Until then, just watch the trailer again.


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