Cool it, guys. Spider-Man’s not going to play a huge role in Civil War.

Tom Holland will cameo as Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War.

With mere weeks to spare, Marvel and Sony cast actor Tom Holland as the world’s next Spider-Man just in time to film a few short scenes for Captain America: Civil War, thereby averting World War III. For fanboys, this is exciting for a few reasons. One, Marvel’s finally succeeded in bringing Spider-Man into the MCU, which will hopefully be the first in many such conquests that will see the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and other heroes return to their rightful home.

The next and perhaps most obvious reason is that Spider-Man himself plays a pretty big role in the Civil War storyline that played out in the comic books back in the Long, Long Ago of 2006. In one of the story’s most iconic scenes, Spider-Man reveals his secret identity to the world, in a show of support for Iron Man and the Superhero Registration Act.

Now that Marvel Studios has been given back some modicum of control over the character, and have chosen Civil War as the film in which he’ll debut, there are a lot of people online who seem to think that the film with feature Spider-Man front and center and the entire reason Iron Man and Captain America are fighting in the first place is because each one wants to be Spidey’s absolute bestest buddy. Check out some of these fan-made posters for the film, and you’d think that Holland was getting top billing.

This just isn’t gonna happen. The movie’s already got something like 50 different characters in it, and beyond that, it was being written even before Marvel and Sony had the Spider-Man deal hammered out. I think Kevin Feige is quoted somewhere as saying that two different versions of the film’s script were written — one with Spider-Man in it and one without — but I’d bet money that the one with him in it only features him in the most tangential way.

No, this has been such a long time coming that Marvel is going to want to roll out the character the right way. They’re not going to spend too much time on him in what may be the final Captain America film starring Chris Evans. They shuffled around like 20 of their movies to make room for Spidey’s first solo film (under Marvel’s banner) in 2017. And Marvel just doesn’t seem like the company that’s going to go off half cocked on something like this. They’re like zen masters, always thinking 15 moves ahead. So keep those posters coming, guys, but know that Spider-Man’s chances of playing that big a role in the film are about as good as me wearing his spandex costume and looking good in it.


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