Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns Teaming Up for ‘The Batman’

Deadline Hollywood reports that Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns are working on a new solo Batman film.

Well, guys, it looks like those rumors about Ben Affleck and Chris Terrio teaming up to write the next solo Batman flick were way off! It turns out that the next Batman movie is really going to be written by Ben Affleck and DC Comic’s chief creative officer Geoff Johns! What a crazy ride this has turned out to be! Hit the jump to read more.

Earlier today, Deadline Hollywood reported that not only is Affleck going to be co-writing the script, but he’s also planning on directing. After Gone Baby Gone, The Town, and Argo, I’d say that’s pretty cool news. The article goes on to say that Affleck and Johns, “are well in sync and have more than found their rhythm.” I mean, two for two. You don’t want to be in sync without having found your rhythm. I’ve seen what happens when you’ve only got the one, and it’s not pretty.

It looks like Affleck is going to begin work on the new solo film, which is rumored to be called The Batman, after completing work on Live By Night, another Dennis Lehane novel he’s adapting (and postponed so that he could film Batman v Superman. That leaves a bit of a question as to where Justice League, which has a release date of November 2017, is going to fit into all this. But I’m sure DC and Warner have top men on it. The report says that both have made this film a priority, and that some of the films they’ve already announced may be shuffled around to make way for it. I’m glad to hear that. DC has a pretty ambitious slate planned out over the next few years, which I think is good, but I worry that it’s not paying enough attention to its core characters.

When their film schedule was first announced, there was no mention of a solo Batman film or a sequel to Man of Steel. Superman and Batman are arguably DC’s most important characters, and having them in Justice League is good, but I think both should have their own films to further develop, rather than having to share so much screen time with so many other big names (Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg) who may need more servicing, since we’ll have spent hardly any time with them by the time Justice League rolls around.

The fact that Affleck is working on this with Geoff Johns is more good news. With DC, Johns has written for the Justice League as well as solo titles for most of its main characters, so the man definitely knows the background material. I would say that since Johns is so familiar with the comics, this would provide the movie with an opportunity to cover some unexplored territory, but I won’t be surprised to hear that Jared Leto will be co-starring in the film as the Joker. I know Leto signed a multi-picture deal with Warner and I doubt the studio is going to tell him goodbye after he’s finished with Suicide Squad. Call it a 50/50 chance.

In any case, this is all really exiting news. It shows how seriously DC is taking these films, and Affleck being this involved is just icing on the cake. Hopefully we’ll learn a little more when Warner has its panel at Comic-Con this Saturday.


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