‘The Batman’ Coming in 2018?

Rumors say that Ben Affleck will star in and direct, 'The Batman,' which will be released in 2018.

The following rumor comes from Latino Review, so make sure to take it with one of those big salt licks they use for deer.

A report came out not too long ago saying that Warner Bros. is getting ready to announce an addition to its 2018 film slate. The rumor is, joining Aquaman and The Flash that year will be a brand new Batman solo him titled — wait for it — The Batman!

The report goes on to say that the movie is going to be directed by the Bat-fleck himself, and written by Chris Terrio. Terrio is quickly becoming one of DC’s go-to guys. He was brought in to do rewrites on Batman v Superman, is writing Justice League 1 and 2, and now a solo Bat-film (supposedly). Here’s hoping he’s making buckets and buckets of money on those.

Anyway, in support of this rumor, a couple of DC Twitter fan accounts have posted a “leaked document” which supposedly confirms that the movie is in development. Strangely enough, none of these accounts have been able to cite any sources, so take that as you will. A few of those accounts share some interesting stuff, but they’re horrible at separating rumors from actual news.

Comic-Con is a scant week away, so I imagine we’ll be hearing some news on this either way.


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