Suicide Squad Throwbacks

Get a look at how the members of Suicide Squad looked in their first appearances with Suicide Squad Throwbacks. This is pretty cool. Anyone who’s been paying attention to Suicide Squad knows that the movie is full of characters who aren’t quite as well known as the likes of the Joker and Harley Quinn. Still, they all find their beginnings in the Suicide Squad comic book, which has a history going all the way back to 1959. Thanks to artist Kate Willaert, you can know see what the characters from the movie first looked like when they were introduced in the comics. The chart follows the group pic that David Ayer unveiled a couple of months ago, before the world was crushed under a metric ton of SS set pics. Check them out below, and take the time to visit Kate Willaert’s blog here. Check out the first comic book appearances of characters from David Ayer's Suicide Squad. A group shot of the Suicide Squad.


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