Lego Gives Us a Sneak Peak at Doctor Strange

Maybe file this one under old news. Last week, Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson sent this out over Twitter.

Nothing huge, I know. But it may give us a bit of an idea of what Stephen Strange is going to look like once Doctor Strange hits theaters, like, 20 years from now. Or October of next year. Whichever comes first.

Doctor Strange is going to be a pretty interesting entry into Marvel’s oeuvre. I think it was easy enough for the MCU to explain away Thor and the Asgardians not as gods, but as beings who possessed an incredibly high level of technology. This time, however, they won’t be able to just say, “Magic? Nope. Science.” There’s going to have to be some other explanation for it. And aside from the whole sorcery angle, Strange himself is a skilled martial artist and a neurosurgeon. In the wrong hands, that could quickly turn into ten pounds of crap in a five pound bag.

I’ve got faith that Marvel can pull it off, of course. Despite a few missteps, they’ve been doing a pretty bang-up job, after all. And the movie’s cast is shaping up to be pretty great. Benedict Cumberbatch? Come on. I’m still waiting to see a role he’s not perfect for. Well, maybe Khan. Wait, was he actually playing Khan? I’m not sure if JJ Abrams has let up on that one yet. Anyway.

Doctor Strange hits theaters on November 4th, 2016.


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