Does Marvel have faith in Ant-Man?

I have to admit I’m surprised at the lack of promotion Ant-Man seems to be getting. With just five weeks to go before the movie’s set loose upon the world, you’d think that Marvel would be beating us over the head with the Under Armour and Ant-Man-branded junk food. At this point in time before Age of Ultron was released, I had the Hulk telling me to smash my hunger by eating Doritos. Right now, Ant-Man just feels like the movie the world forgot. I mean, stuck between Jurassic World and the anticipation for The Force Awakens, what’s a poor movie to do?

And now there’s this. Today, Marvel released a few new Ant-Man posters, which seemed aimed at those who don’t realize that Scott Lang runs around in the same world as Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, and who, given that knowledge, might be swayed to go see the film. The posters are pretty clever, and definitely better than what we’ve gotten so far. Still, I can’t feel a bit like Marvel is hedging its bets.

I suppose I could be misreading the situation entirely. Maybe the lack of promotion just shows how confident Marvel’s become in all its properties. They don’t need to run commercials or sell Pine-ant-le Fanta because people will see Marvel’s name on the film and they’ll flock to it in droves. Or swarms. Or ants. Whatever. I don’t know.

Ant-Man hits theaters July 17. You know. I think.


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