Suicide Squad Throwbacks

Get a look at how the members of Suicide Squad looked in their first appearances with Suicide Squad Throwbacks. This is pretty cool. Anyone who’s been paying attention to Suicide Squad knows that the movie is full of characters who aren’t quite as well known as the likes of the Joker and Harley Quinn. Still, they all find their beginnings in the Suicide Squad comic book, which has a history going all the way back to 1959. Continue reading


Captain America: Civil War Reaches Critical Mass, Mark Ruffalo Now Rumored to Join the Cast!

"Hulk want nine-picture deal. Hulk want points off back-end."

“Hulk want nine-picture deal. Hulk want points off back-end.”

Captain America is buying them actors in bulk, RDJ says that they’re adding the Hulk! We all thought he’d disappear like the buffalo, but now it turns out me might be seeing Mark Ruffalo! Now this might astound and amaze ya but I will destroy Joe Frazier! Okay. I had my fun. And I’m done now.

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Does Marvel have faith in Ant-Man?

I have to admit I’m surprised at the lack of promotion Ant-Man seems to be getting. With just five weeks to go before the movie’s set loose upon the world, you’d think that Marvel would be beating us over the head with the Under Armour and Ant-Man-branded junk food. At this point in time before Age of Ultron was released, I had the Hulk telling me to smash my hunger by eating Doritos. Right now, Ant-Man just feels like the movie the world forgot. I mean, stuck between Jurassic World and the anticipation for The Force Awakens, what’s a poor movie to do? Continue reading