Look Upon George Miller’s Creation, Mere Mortals, and Weep

Justice League Mortal is the abandoned movie that was supposed to have been directed by George Miller.

Now that Mad Max: Fury Road has come along and blown everyone’s private parts right the hell off, a lot of people have been lamenting the fact that Miller’s Justice League film is never going to happen. The film, titled Justice League Mortal, was originally announced in 2007, and due to be released in 2009.

The writers’ strike, budget concerns, and tax rebates the production wasn’t getting from the Australian government — where the film was scheduled to shoot — eventually saw the movie consigned to the dung heap of history. Once production on Man of Steel started revving up, it was a sure thing that Mortal was never going to happen.

A few pieces of concept art from the movie have recently surfaced as part of the run-up to a documentary in the vein of The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened? which will detail the faile production. To be honest, I like what Snyder and co. are doing more than what I’m seeing here. But I’m sure that there’s a lot more where this came from, so it’s possible that we’ll still see something that will blow us all away.

In any case, with all the Snyder-hate out there, I’m sure this will cause a wave of hair-pulling and teeth-gnashing, lamenting the fact that Miller isn’t helming the Justice League film coming out in 2017. But, like I said, everyone seems pretty impressed with Fury Road, so it seems that Miller’s stock is on the rise. As long as he doesn’t spend the next 15 years out in the desert making Mad Max sequels, I suppose there’s still a chance he could be invited back into the DC universe.

Wonder Woman flies through Themiscrya in concept art for George Miller's Justice League Mortal.

Wonder Woman takes flight in concept art from George Miller's Justice League Mortal.

A sneak peak of Aquaman from George Miller's Justice League Mortal.


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