I’ve made my peace with the Joker.

Unless you’re living completely off the grid — which I don’t think is really a thing — you have to have seen some mention of Suicide Squad in the news these past couple of weeks. Whether it’s just leaked photos from the set, pictures and videos of Jared Leto filming scenes as the Joker, or Batman’s stunt double riding around on top of the Jokermobile, it seems like the movie has been everywhere. Continue reading

Captain America: Civil War Begins Production

Captain America: Civil War officially begins production in Atlanta, Georgia.

And the cycle begins again. Marvel announced today that Captain America: Civil War has officially started filming. A couple of interesting takeaways from Marvel’s press release: Paul Rudd is joining the cast, bringing up the possibility that Ant-Man will officially join the Avengers. Also, William Hurt will be making another appearance as Thunderbolt Ross. That’ll add some nice continuity with The Incredible Hulk, which has always felt like the MCU’s redheaded stepchild.

The film will also introduce Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther, which will spin-off a whole other part of the Marvel universe which will undoubtedly make millions and millions of dollars. You can check out the release below the fold. Continue reading